The Pacific Basin Economic Council believes that through cooperation and the exchange of ideas, the private sector can work with governments to promote significant growth and prosperity in Asia Pacific.

Independent, apolitical, forward looking and pro-business, the Pacific Basin Economic Council aspires to champion and promote regional economic integration and growth.

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As the independent voice of business in Asia Pacific, the Pacific Basin Economic Council:

Positions the private sector as an indispensable partner in the development, growth, and economic integration of Asia Pacific;

Engages and advocates to the region’s governments and stakeholders regarding key cross-sector issues that affect the development of business;

Creates a unique platform for PBEC members, government leaders, and stakeholders to actively engage in policy discussions and initiatives;

Helps members make sense of the myriad organizations and agreements implemented across the region each year;

Strengthens the connections between PBEC members, government leaders, and external stakeholders in advancing a free trade and investment agenda towards economic integration.