PBEC dinner at the Asian Financial Forum

panel PBEC was pleased to organise a dinner seminar, as part of Hong Kong’s #AFF.

We were honoured to have @AndrewWeir, @JingUlrich, @BenSimpfendorfer and @AdamStuckert provide insights and crucial information gleaned from their own experiences.

Some of the key take-outs included:

The Belt and Road Initiative (#BRI) covers 2/3 of the world's population and 65% of them are not connected to the Internet.

The key Chinese e-commerce giants - Baidu, Alibaba and Tencent - also known as BAT and the Chinese Telco’s are all preparing for the rollout of 5G networks and are calling the Silk Road the E Road.


E-tailer JD.com has built over 20 warehouses along this pathway.

A digital infrastructure along with the physical roads, rail and construction will enable the economies included in the BRI to leapfrog technology, to improve education and to help create technological advances for sustainable cities and communities.

IndoChina Corridor  and ASEAN hold greatest potential, as they provide scale and competitive opportunities.

There are challenges that include language barriers, corporate governance, Capital  ROI and sovereignty issues among others.

The panellists agreed that the focus should be on big markets, as 50 of the 65 countries in BRI have very small GDPs. Bigger, more mature markets of Indonesia and in Africa are also open to services development.


The Greater Bay Area was seen as important to corporate participation in the BRI.