Disruption … Banking, Insurance and just about everything else.

aff 2019

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 Join us for a great meal and even more to digest with our distinguished panellists on this important and prescient topic.

In Conversation with …

  • Andrew Weir, Regional Senior Partner, KPMG Hong Kong and Global Head of Building, Construction and Real Estate Practice. PBEC Chairman.

  • Carson Wen, Founder and Chairman, BoA Financial Group, PBEC Board Director

  • Moderator: John Russell, Managing Director, NORTH HEAD

… and other distinguished guest speakers.

With thanks to both KPMG China and the BOA Financial Group for their support in this event:




 This event is hosted at the HK Club by Andrew Weir; and is associated with the Asian Financial Forum and International Financial Week 2019 in Hong Kong. 

Please visit us in the main exhibition area during the AFF.