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B20 Indonesia Digitalization Task Force Presents 4 Strategic Recommendations

Chair of B20 Indonesia Digitalization Task Force Ririek Adriansyah presented the strategic and objective issues that the Digitalization Task Force aims to achieve.

“The essence of our work as Indonesia’s B20 Digitalization Task Force is to ensure that digitalization could drive future growth while bridging the digital divide, which eventually leads to an inclusive digital transformation,” said Ririek, who is also the President Director of PT Telkom Indonesia (Persero) Tbk (Telkom).

Ririek presented the four recommendations that the Digitalization Task Force proposes.

First, driving universal connectivity by ensuring to support universal access for participation in the digital economy and government services, ensuring inclusive government services and eliminating digital divide.

Second, building foundation for sustainable and resilient digital economy, with the goal of accelerating development of digital infrastructure

Third, ensuring a digital-ready mindset for individuals and micro, small, medium enterprises (MSMEs), and enabling MSMEs through access to digital platforms.

Lastly, promoting risk and evidence-based, interoperable, and technology-neutral cybersecurity standards and best practices that support companies’ efforts to protect their networks.

Minister of Communication and Information Johnny G. Plate said he appreciated the steps and recommendations that the B20 Digitalization Task Force proposed in the B20-G20 Dialogue.

According to the Minister of Communication and Informatics, the world today is a digitized one, and the digital economy will be bigger in the global market.

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PBEC is an official delegate of the B20 Digital taskforce Indonesia 2022.





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