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Horasis Extraordinary Meeting Report

Horasis held its first digital Extraordinary Meeting on 1st October 2020 with the theme of Unite. Inspire. Create. The meeting brought together heads of state, prime ministers and other government representatives as well as CEOs and entrepreneurs from around the...
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EU-Asia General Aviation Cooperation During the COVID Recovery Webinar

PBEC EU-China General Aviation Cooperation During COVID Recovery Webinar 4 PBEC UK organised a dialogue & informative webinar between manufacturers, stakeholders and experts within General Aviation. Due to the pandemic - aviation sector has been one of the hardest hit....
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The Climate Impact Asia Fund – Q4 Webinar

We recorded a live special webinar in London on “Building Back Better” through Asian climate impact investments in a post-pandemic world with specialist speakers from Milltrust International, Environmental Investment Services Asia Limited, WWF-Hong Kong & PBEC. Strictly targeted at professional...
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PBEC Webinar: Investing in Real Estate – Demand for Co-Living in Asia

Download the presentation slides here Stream the presentation here PBEC.org · Co-Living : Branded Dormitories or a Viable Asset? Or listen directly on Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/pbec-org/co-living-a-viable-asset Or watch it on Youtube:   Webinar Presenters Regina Lim (Head of Asia Pacific Capital...
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Sep 24th PBEC Webinar – “The Future of Supply Chains in Asia”

Stream the webinar here: PBEC.org · The Future of Supply Chains - An Asian Perspective Or listen directly on Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/pbec-org/the-future-of-supply-chains-an-asian-perspective Download the presentation slides here Webinar Speakers Barrett Bingley – Director @The Economist Group | AmCham HK Trade and...
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GBA & LATAM Linkages

The audio file for the Webinar details attached in PPT: https://soundcloud.com/pbec-org/gba-latin-america-deepening-linkages Below are the i-cloud recording of the Meeting: Topic: GBA & LATAM Linkages - China’s support for Latin American states during the pandemic is reaping diplomatic dividends for existing...
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PBEC Webinar Dialogue Series 2020 – “What next for Bitcoin and the Cryptocurrency Sector”

The leadership of 100x Group, the holding structure for BitMEX, one of the largest Bitcoin derivatives exchanges globally by volume, and The Bitcoin Association of Hong Kong SAR, share their thoughts on the cryptocurrency market's performance during Covid-19, and what...
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Digitalisation of Education – An ASEAN Perspective

  Audio/Podcast file https://soundcloud.com/pbec-org/the-digitalisation-of-education Meeting Recording video file: https://us02web.zoom.us/rec/share/2quojHIBOqHqTNN2G2rGLkLLxZDvl5J08zChQBNq4EkVetndwAiNOK9umQ09xD8S.5nYfG7-efMn1V4KW Access Passcode: Vd^t@bH9 Slide decks available for download: PBEC Digitalisation of Education Webinar 2020 SUPOT Presentation
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PBEC assembled an all Young Women Business Leaders Panel live discussion on Impact Investing across Asia – Does it always come at a price for investors?

Listen on Soundcloud: PBEC.org · PBEC Podcast Series July 2020 - Impacting Investing Or click here to listen directly on Soundcloud. Or watch on Youtube:
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Jun 22 – 23, 2020 – Horasis India Meeting

Click here to register - free of charge Co-hosted by the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII), Horasis will convene its annual Horasis India Meeting on 22 June. The meeting gathers 400 of the most senior members of the Horasis Visions...
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