Turning the Tide: How to finance a sustainable ocean recovery

The ocean covers the majority of our planet’s surface, holding 97% of all water and 80% of all life forms. Major ocean sectors such as tourism, shipping, fishing, aquaculture and marine renewable energy collectively contribute to a ‘blue’ economy, estimated...
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Leading med-tech pioneer NuroKor BioElectronics reveals why UK healthcare professionals are choosing to fund the technology of the future

By: Rick Rowan CEO & Founder of NuroKor BioElectronics ‍The past 12 months have been a challenging and uncertain time for all industries - none more so than the healthcare sector. And with England now in its third national lockdown...
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Innovative Digital infrastructure will reduce the USD 5,2 trillion finance gap p.a. for MSMEs in emerging countries

Written By: Gilles komi Maglo CEO & Founder of MES & DAK The Fintech firm for MSME’s development Gilles komi MAGLO - A jazz Pianist and Entrepreneur– one might assume that this is a rather unconventional combination. But, according to...
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Navigating Choppy Waters: – Experienced Investment Managers with A Dose Of “Healthy Paranoia” Will Thrive in the Post-Covid Downturn

By Nicole Downer Managing Partner MV Credit Partners LLC Navigating Choppy Waters After working through an incredibly eventful year in the global economy, investors in private credit benefitted from the stable and consistent yields expected of the asset class. That...
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How the SPAC market is Revolutionizing Capital Raising for Growth Companies and Venture Capital

By Brad Lamensdorf of Active Alts Recently, SPACs, or the Special Purpose Acquisition Company segment of the stock market has grabbed a lot of attention from the media and investing public. The popularity of SPACs has transcended traditional operators and...
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Facilitating post-COVID-19 recovery in Southeast Asia

Click here to download the slide deck What are the priorities to ensure the region's fast, sustainable and inclusive economic recovery from the crisis? Explore PBEC’s partner OECD's latest and upcoming work in the region on competition, investment, SMEs and...
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Latest outlook on the World of Fine Wine Investments – by CEO & Co-Founder Tom Gearing of Cult Wines A family owned UK & Singapore based firm

It’s a pleasure to have been asked to share my thoughts on the outlook for Fine Wine Investment in 2021. I do hope you enjoy reading this research, and find it enjoyable, interesting and perhaps above all though-provoking… Fine wine...
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Risk Management Key to Strengthening Global Value Chains Resiliency: Study

APEC economies have developed a strong foundation to deal with the COVID-19 crisis, but more needs to be done to enhance their resiliency in global value chains, according to a recent policy brief by the APEC Policy Support Unit. The...
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Avealto Video for PBEC – United by a Passion for Communications & Space

In this latest PBEC zoom interview, Avealto founders Walt Anderson and David Chambers discuss High Altitude Platform (HAPs), and share Avealto Insights and development updates with PBEC Moderator Renee Pan. Catering to our Chinese speaking audience as well with some...
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Open and Predictable Trade Environment Key to Food Security Resiliency – 28th October 2020

Issued by the Minister Policy Dialogue on Food Security Agriculture and food ministers and senior representatives from APEC’s 21 member economies pressed for stronger cooperation and open and predictable trade regimes to ensure global food systems remain accessible, innovative, reliable, resilient,...
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