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Introduction to PBEC

The Pacific Basin Economic Council established since 1967, is a members based, business first network made up of leaders focused on sustainable economic development, in all its forms within APAC. A think tank dedicated to match-making individuals and corporations in the pursuit of advancing private sector opportunities and interests. PBEC fosters cross-border dialogues, provides market intelligence and trend analysis, builds regional relationships and consensus based on trust & inclusivity.

PBEC provides its members with invitation-only access to key events and multiple speaker opportunities together with Government official access.

Our members are extraordinary leaders in their respective profession, who have achieved significant leadership success. The PBEC community is an inclusive and welcoming one. Each member brings a diverse background of culture, perspectives, ideas and expertise which collectively makes our community a unique NGO to be a part of.

PBEC is by invitation ONLY a members based institution, that supports connectivity and cross-border regulatory standardisation efforts within APAC for all technological advancements, through dialogue, engagement and collaborative efforts.

PBEC advocates and supports merging sustainability with affordability business models across APAC, with a “leave no one behind” social impact mantra, in the further advancement of economic growth in the region.

Learn more about PBEC by downloading our 2023 PBEC slide deck here

Member Provisions

Our 3 main Member provisions throughout the year:

  1. To represent and provide OUR Members access to the APEC & ASEAN processes and meetings of regulatory consensus decision making throughout the year.
  2. To provide a regional platform for meaningful connections/partnerships with like-minded business leaders, entrepreneurs and Government officials from across APAC through invitation only forums & events.
  3. To provide city, country and regional market on-site insights, opportunities and challenges shared to our members for consideration, from leading experts & members in their respective fields.
Focus Areas

Our 3 Main Member focused areas PBEC will advocate on behalf of Business in 2020:

  1. Business Sustainability – The importance of IP protection- Advocating the importance of understanding Intelligential Property (IP) – IP Commercialisation through equipping our members with the necessary mix of legal and business knowledge so they can successfully commercialise their organisations, or their own IP.

Members can take up an Advanced IP- Innopreneurship Certificate Program offered jointly by our partner IIPCC and the IP Academy in Singapore. Driving the growth of a knowledge based economy.

  1. Affordable Online Legal Resolution for businesses  – Advocating the advantages of the newly established non-for-profit HK based Electronic Business Related Arbitration and Mediation (eBRAM) Platform to support business-to-business transactions in the APEC region.

  1. Digital Trade & Cross Border Data Flows- Data is the lifeblood of the modern global economy. Businesses use data to create value, and many can only maximise that value when data can flow freely across borders. Yet a growing number of countries are enacting barriers that make it more expensive and time consuming, if not illegal, to transfer data overseas. Some nations base their decisions to erect such barriers on the mistaken rationale that it will mitigate privacy and cybersecurity threats; others do so for purely mercantilist reasons. Yet, whatever the motivation, PBEC will demonstrate throughout 2020 to relevant policy markers, the costs and negative impact of such policies are significant, not just for the global economy but for the nations in APEC that are “shooting themselves in the foot” and will inevitably miss out.

Member Benefits

PBEC Member benefits:

In additional to the provisions stated above, PBEC offers the following 10 membership benefits throughout the year:

  1. PBEC institutional accreditation for your business for the length of your membership
  2. A monthly newsletter and latest events calendar
  3. Personal & Company profile sharing with fellow members and through official PBEC social media channels
  4. PBEC related event sponsorship for new product/service launch or disclosure and shared booth opportunities at key trading exhibitions
  5. Regular engagement with investors and entrepreneurs within the membership from across the APAC region for those seeking new opportunities
  6. Chance to put yourself forward as a candidate to join the board of directors at the AGM – Subject to board approval
  7. PBEC can speak out on a related topic publicly to mainstream media to advocate on behalf of industry within the region – subject to EC approval
  8. Discounted delegate fees for Members to attend major events in the region of related business
  9. Invited to join overseas PBEC delegations, speaker and moderator opportunities on behalf of PBEC and sit on certain task force committees to provide inputs at APEC, ASEAN, UNESCAP & Horasis
  10. Invited to join the regular PBEC Pulse Meetings held across the region complimentary
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