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Bio Circular Economy SBTI’s & Asia’s Carbon Market

Bio-Circular-Green Economy Model – Sustainable Finance & ESG standards Moderator & Speaker: Pat Nie-Woo Pat is a Partner at KPMG China, the Head of Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) practice in Hong Kong and the Global Co-Chair for Sustainable Finance for KPMG IMPACT. He also leads the Sustainable Finance practice in Hong Kong. Speakers: Max Song CEO Carbonbase (Hong Kong SAR) Natalie Chung CESGA Sustainability Lead & Co-Founder V’Air HK (Hong Kong SAR) Eli Konvitz Urban Development & Sustainability Expert (Hong Kong SAR) Sustainable Development has been a key advocacy phrase used for several decades by PBEC and from the signing of the Kyoto Protocol followed by the Paris Agreement in 2015. Despite heightened awareness of these agreements’ significance and reinforced as urgent at COP26 2021, a unified approach to tackling environmental problems remains elusive, the 1.5-degree target doesn’t go far or fast enough when you look at just the BRIC’s economies such as Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa who’s own carbon neutral targets have been pushed out to 2060+ at this rate. Commemorating the relaunch of PBEC Environmental Award in 2022, varying views on achieving sustainable development will be presented in this session and participants will discuss the implications & opportunities for business from how to finance the transition, to discussing renewables, new technology, composite materials, urban planning to youth engagement.

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