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Episode 21: The authors views on Regional Trends in Global Sourcing – a PBEC report entitled – Charting a New Course in Asia Pacific

In this episode PBEC is joined by the co-authors Dr. Neale O’Connor Professor of Accounting previously of Monash University Malaysia from his new University Edith Cowan in Perth and Anson Bailey Head of Consumer and Retail AsPAC & Head of Technology at KPMG in China, of our most recent and comprehensive trade report on regional trends in Global Sourcing entitled “Chartering a New Course in Asia Pacific”. Supply chain operability affects every organization and sits highly on the list of concerns of CEOs whose businesses rely heavily on this. The newly released report between the Pacific Basin Economic Council (PBEC), KPMG and Monash University Malaysia reviews the most recent supply chain and sourcing movements in the region, and provides insights into the key trends and factors which no business leader should ignore.

The data in this report comprises a sample of 132 companies that are considering changing or have already altered their supply chain destinations between 2018 and 2023, covering 232 sourcing market moves.

You can access the full report on PBEC’s website: Charting a new course in Asia Pacific – Pacific Basin Economic Council (

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