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Four Critical Success Factors to Win in China” – By David Thomas

It’s widely accepted that in order to position your product appropriately in a crowded, populated and noisy market like China, you need to carve out a “Deep Niche”.

The narrower and deeper the niche, the better. And with such a large population available, and such vast diversity between the age groups in terms of consumer behaviour, disposable income and spending patterns, you can expect your niche to be more than large enough to sustain your whole China business (assuming you get it right of course!) So what are the key elements to establishing a deep niche? Here are some thoughts:

Targeted – based on a well defined and properly researched target customer segment(s)
Differentiated – a clear value proposition which articulates a unique market position
Premium – appeals to aspirational consumers with an eye for quality
Prestigious – leverages a brand story with heritage, legacy and/or luxury elements
Leveraged – allows for the niche to be expanded or scaled up over time
Responsive – flexibility to adapt to rapid market change

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David Thomas, Keynote Speaker on Future Trends, Innovation, Leadership and Globalisation, David motivates and educates global business leaders, entrepreneurs and investors about the massive potential offered by modern China. Having worked with SMEs from many industry sectors, David’s experience and expertise is broad and deep. These industries include food, healthcare, education, tourism, real estate, retail, professional services and technology

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