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OECD – The Forum Network released these two latest thought pieces

These articles form part of a series in which OECD experts and thought leaders from organisations like PBEC – from around the world and all parts of society – address the COVID-19 crisis, discussing and developing solutions now and for the future. It aims to foster the fruitful exchange of expertise and perspectives across fields to help us rise to this critical challenge. Opinions expressed do not necessarily represent the views of the OECD.

Older adults are most at risk, but the level of take-up of adult vaccines is surprisingly low for existing illnesses such as pneumococcal pneumonia, flu or shingles. While the COVID-19 vaccine is being developed, we must ramp up efforts to develop a vast immunisation campaign, in particular for older adults who are not currently taking advantage of vaccines at their disposal.

The COVID-19 crisis has radically transformed how we live, work and learn. The impact on the education system has been massive, with 1.8 billion students affected by school shutdowns. Fortunately, learning hasn’t stopped – teachers, students and families have taken up digital tools “en masse” but the shift to virtual school has also exposed the growing digital divide.

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