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PBEC Pulse – Dec 7th 2018



noun de·​lay | \di-ˈlā, dē-\ the act of postponing, hindering, or causing something to occur more slowly than normal: the state of being delayed

Its been a week of speculation and ups and downs since Xi and Trump last dined together in BA. In this edition of the Pulse, PBEC’s curated wrap-up of all things business across Asia and around the Pacific, we focus on the ongoing discussions between the world’s two largest economies about the future of global trade.

Larry Summers wades in …

China appears to be willing to accommodate the US on specific trade issues as long as the US accepts its right to flourish and grow, knowing that sheer weight of numbers will make it the clear world’s largest economy before long.

Read the full article as it appeared in the Australian Financial Review on 5 Dec 2018.

As does Kevin Rudd …

China could be preparing to spring a global compact to drive tariffs to zero, and approach Trans Pacific Partnership members including Australia for access to the grouping, positioning Beijing as a champion for free trade.

Read the full article as it appeared in the Australian Financial Review on 6 Dec 2018.

Pundits have been expressing their views and here is a small selection for you …

CSIS-The Trade Guys Bloomberg interviews Stephen Olsen Brookings Brief

Comparing the two views of what was said …
With thanks to Bloomberg, as published earlier this week.

Vietnam and Thailand win in the short term

According to an impressive report from Natixis and Alicia Garcia Herrero.

Kicking the Can Further Down the Road …

Report by the Asian Trade Centre

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