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PBEC Virtual Week 2021

Striving Forward in Asia Pacific

Reflections and Predictions by Leading Experts & Commentators


The Pacific Basin Economic Council (PBEC – Est. since 1967) the International Think Tank for business leaders will host experts, business leaders, academics, economists & NGOs to assess the key takeaways from the recent global trade and climate summits like G20, COP26 & the APEC Summit and provide their latest perspectives on a range of key topics. The objective and purpose of this high-level PBEC dialogue series of discussions over the week 22-26th November 2021 is to produce concrete future focal areas of interest for APAC policy-makers from a business perspective. These will be synopsised and shared in the form of an official PBEC white paper submission to the APEC Secretariat and APEC Chair prior to the Senior Officials Meeting 1 in Thailand Q1 2022.

We therefore encourage as many delegates and participates as possible to register for these exclusive webinars and have your say. PBEC’s value proposition in these important discussions, lies in having historic connections to the regional policymakers as the progenitor to APEC and as an Institutional and Standing Committee Member of (PECC) Pacific Economic Co-Operation Council. We also support the APEC Business Advisory Council representatives across the region. We value our long-standing relationships and encourage collaborative efforts to continually move the needle amongst all stakeholders and reach a consensus through regular dialogue.

With the realisation that this pandemic is a multi-year problem still, there is growing pressure on Governments to open-up their borders and economies from business leaders and from the general public at large.

Living with the virus and getting back to normal still seems to be only in its infancy as a coordinated policy globally. We will hear from sector leaders in the region and explore what the future looks like even when borders reopen. It is worth noting that some Asian economies businesses anticipate going back to normal rather than embracing a new normal, which may disappoint many climate action observers for instance. Interesting to hear opinions from our speakers and delegates accordingly.

With the ongoing US-China rivalry, coupled with the pandemic, it has had a hugely negative impact for many ASEAN & Pacific countries foreign direct investment (FDI) and affected certain sectors within trade across APAC, most notable Travel & Tourism. We will hear about where the next round of capital flows is most likely to be deployed in the region, where are the opportunities.

We will look at and digest what the G20 & COP26 announced and what it all means for business leaders in Asia and the Pacific region.

Who will be the winners and losers in all this economic transition, will it be whole sectors of the economy that eventually disappear and where will all the funding necessarily come from?

All these national net zero carbon targets being announced require substantial funding to achieve a positive outcome and the institutional international framework requires being fair for the majority without stifling innovation and technological advancements for the minority. We have already heard from APEC NZ 2021 that subsidies for Fossil Fuels, Fisheries and Agricultural products are an area existing funding can be reallocated. We will discuss this topic as well from a business perspective.

Join us for what promises to be an enlightening series of roundtable live dialogues on everything from geopolitics, trade agreements, trade finance, responsible investing, family office, the future of living, the future of education, smart cities, AI in manufacturing, global supply chains, renewable energy & the blue economy to a digitally enabled sustainable society.

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