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The Value Prop Episode 14: Co-Founders of NEXPLAY™ share their future vision of Esports in SE Asia

Episode Brief Description: Miguel Aboitiz is back as our co-host for this episode of the ‘Value Prop’ with Co-Founders Gabriel Benito and Miguel Bernas of NEXPLAY™ a regional esports ecosystem and technology start-up. We hear from both founder about Nexplay’s product offering and strategy in this episode, their latest developments in creating a unique esports ecosystem for players, coaches, sponsors and gaming fans in the Asian region. They share how they manage players profiles, influence and engage with the fanbases through tailored events, to have become commercially viable and attract multiple brand sponsorship deals already. Currently they are busily raising capital, in the middle of a Series A. So if anyone listening and is interested in this area, they can get in touch with PBEC directly. It will likely close by early June.

“The Jerry Maguire school of player management for the Esports industry in Asia.”

Gabriel Benito kicks things off talking about his baby NEXPLAY™, being seen as an Entrepreneur, CEO & Co-Founder. NEXPLAY™ is the Ultimate Gaming Technology & Esports Ecosystem for Next-Generation Gamers. Gabriel is focused on transforming and revolutionising the whole gaming ecosystem across connected touch points from entertainment, communications, content delivery, stream technology, e-commerce, media and games distribution. He has led Nexplay to be one to the top esports brand and ecosystem in SEA, amassing over 800m viewership monthly, and a total of 200m fan base in just 3 years.

We then hear from Miguel Bernas is President & Co-Founder of NEXPLAY™. Miguel is a veteran executive and business leader, with over 25 years of global media industry experience, having worked with some of the world’s best-known media brands such as television networks MTV, CNBC, Singapore’s Mediacorp, and digital media pioneer Yahoo! He has also led marketing teams in global and the Asia Pacific roles at Nokia, Singtel and PayPal.

In between our co-hosts Miguel Aboitiz and Michael Walsh ask the questions that we all want to know which results in another compelling and educational episode of the Value Prop.

PBEC is not a financial advisor or licensed to provide investment advice. All content shared in this episode are opinion-based and in confidence that the listener is able to make up their own minds.


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