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The Value Prop Episode 16: A Macroeconomic Investors view on Asia and the Pacific with Anson Chan

Brief Description: We are joined this episode by Anson Chan Chairman and CEO of Bonds Group of Companies.

A respected Hong Kong businessman, Mr. Anson Chan has accumulated a variety of management and investment experience. Bonds Group of Companies owns both commercial and residential properties in prime locations of Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, Britain, Canada, USA and Singapore. Before joining his family business, Mr. Chan was an associate director in the proprietary investment group of Nomura International, the Japanese leading investment bank, from 2000 to 2004, and of AIG Investment Corporation from 1998 to 2000. He was responsible for developing new investment opportunities and business relationships in Greater China.

In addition, Mr. Anson Chan is a seed investor and director of the Evenstar Fund Management Co., which manages an Asia-focused hedge fund with assets under management of US$100 million. From 2005 to 2008, he also served as a senior advisor to Elliott Associates, which is a U.S. based activist investment fund with assets under management in excess of US$7.5 billion. He recently co-sponsored an IPO of a SPAC on Nasdaq which successfully raised US$200 million for targeting  fast-growth companies in the new economy sector, such as sizeable FinTech and PropTech companies.


Areas we talk about on this episode:

04-08 Mins –  Anson provides a global and regional view on the state of the markets – referring to the Goldilocks Economy period.

09-10 Mins – World Economy scenario back to the 1970’s, tipping point on a changed view on China by the perceived West.

11-13 Mins – Discuss China, authoritarianism v perceived democracy Governance, the G2 China and US, Obama administration period of when it started to change.

14-16 Mins – When President Xi came to power in 2012 and then Trump in 2016, China became more assertive, BRIC’s, Belt and Road initiative to compete.

16 Mins  – Ukraine/Russia conflict, President Putin and the affect on Asia.

17-20 Mins – Bringing it back to Hong Kong and the One Country/Two Systems policy. Its continued role and importance as a IFC.

21-26 Mins – The fear for Japan if there is another Asian Financial crisis, Anson predicts it will start with Japan, with some political strife between factions within the Democratic ruling party.

27-29 Mins  – Western sanctions, energy market and commodities crisis and Japan & Europe’s predicament having sided with the US against Russia. China will likely be the beneficiary. Germany mining coal again.

30-31 Mins – Saudia Arabia importing crude oil from Russia, brokering the same crude to sell it on at a higher price.

32- 33 Mins – Idealism tempered with pragmatism is what the US and the Western nations need to resume to considering.

34 -40 Mins – Anson shares his experience in Chinese-Taipei’s domestic economy having visited the country and claims its humming. Investment areas to consider.

41-43 Mins – Disintermediation – from the shopfront store to online store.

43- 44 Mins  – One sector still not disrupted by change overtime is the banking sector, in particular commercial banking.

45 – 49 Mins – AI, 5G under Proptech and blockchain technology – giving examples of how digital online firms competing with the traditional brands. A review on real-estate and housing crisis in places like Hong Kong.

50-53 Mins – Increased scrutiny on Chinese and SAR investors on listed firms in the USA by the US Financial market. Board and shareholder requirements for SPAC’s etc…. Target companies from the funds raised cannot be invested into China either.

54 Mins – Who are the winners of the decoupling, less scrutiny and less time required, Chinese Taipei, South Korea, Indonesia and Singapore are four target markets for investors.

55 Mins  – Chinese regulation on foreign firms operating in Mainland China.

55-58 Mins – What should you do with US$1million dollars in today’s market? Anson shares some of his worldly investment advice, stay in cash through a predicted tough autumn 2022.


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