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White Paper on Emerging Trends in Supply Chain Sustainability – Compliance and Policies – Dec 2023

PBEC has permission to share this white paper from o9 Solutions that seeks to outline existing and emerging regulatory trends at the intersection of supply chain and sustainability, including a range of binding regulations, tax policies, and legislative proposals at international, national, and regional scales.

These regulatory developments include mandatory sectoral requirements, product trade bans, product sustainability regulations, non-financial disclosure requirements, and various taxes and rules on plastic pollution that can significantly affect global supply chain sustainability. It must also be highlighted that supply chain due diligence policies have evolved through international guidelines, directives, and mandatory com- pliance requirements.

There is no single definition of supply chain sustainability. Still, for the purpose of this paper, supply chain sustainability refers to the shaping of a company’s investment, operational, and procurement decisions to reduce harm and achieve positive environmental, social, and governance outcomes.

See attached report.

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