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A PBEC dialogue with JanaJal Founder Dr. Parag Agarwal on India’s water sector

Download the JanaJal_presentation here

We had an opportunity to sit down with Founder & CEO Dr. Parag Agarwal from JanaJal. JANAJAL WOW has recently been selected by the Govt of India for implementation of $50 Billion drinking water scheme by 2024. JanaJal envisions building India’s first water-sharing economy and the largest decentralized water distribution network through the installation and operation of water ATMs. The company is working to make safe drinking water available, accessible, and affordable to the common man in a sustainable manner and in the process addressing the UN-SDG No.6 of the 2030 vision targets and the latest ESG mandated projects for corporations to reduce their own emissions directly or through carbon-offset programs. Technology is the backbone of their operations and they continue to invest heavily in cutting edge technologies across diverse applications so as to improve its services and maximize efficiency. Consumers are offered the option of transacting through the use of JanaJal Prepaid water ATM cards, or even coins/cash at their touch-screen enabled water ATMs, 24×7. Recently introduced payment gateways and apps such as UPI and BHIM are also enabled at every water ATM. Dr. Parag shares with us his own journey from joining the family business at only 15 years old through to the current day in leading JanaJal into an Indian leading impactful corporation and replicating it into other developing countries within Asia in the process. It’s an inspiring story of hope and perseverance as well as discovery. So get yourself a cup of tea, sit back and enjoy our latest PBEC insightful offering, this time into the water utility sector.

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