: Asia-Pacific business leaders call for action on climate and economic inclusion – from ABAC I Meeting Auckland NZ

APEC NEWS RELEASE Issued by The APEC Business Advisory Council (ABAC) Auckland, 14 February 2023 – Members of the APEC Business Advisory Council (ABAC) met in Auckland, New Zealand this week to develop a work plan that calls on policymakers to leverage trade and economic policies to address the region’s sustainability and economic inclusion challenges. 2023 ABAC Chair Dominic Ng noted, “APEC members need to undertake massive decarbonization of their economies while ensuring that disadvantaged parts of our communities are not…


: Suzuran Medical Inc. (Japan) joins PBEC as Corporate Member – Feb 2023

Suzuran Medical Inc. started the manufacture and sale of cotton bedding over 180 years a go, the company has always dealt with cotton. Using this natural fiber as a base, Suzuran are pushing forward with research into cotton to help assist in humanity’s bright future. Expanding from its unique experience with such products in the medical world, they have taken the same dedication to customer benefits into their baby, hygiene, and cosmetic products. Suzuran Medical’s President is Yasuhiro Kunieda, born…


: SUSTAINABLE TRADE- The rising role of services in global trade – Feb 2023

Author: Patrick Low Senior Fellow – Asia Global Institute It has become fashionable to argue that globalization is in decline. The picture is more nuanced, however. While trade in manufactures as a proportion of overall economic activity appears to have peaked in some countries, the growth of trade in services as a proportion of GDP has certainly not slowed. The future of services trade in global value chains A recent series of papers by Richard Baldwin argued that globalization and…

Picture of APEC SOM in Hawaii

: 2023 APEC Theme and Priorities – Feb 2023

Under the theme “Creating a Resilient and Sustainable Future for All,” USA Chairing APEC2023 plan to build a more interconnected, innovative, and inclusive APEC region. Through its APEC 2023 host year, the USA seek to further U.S. economic engagement with the region.  Regular exchanges among governments, business leaders – including through the APEC Business Advisory Council (ABAC) – and other stakeholders such as PECC and PBEC are critical to ensuring that APEC is delivering pragmatic solutions to the key challenges facing U.S. workers and…

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: PBEC CEO visits Vietnam and sits down with local members, first time in 3 years – Feb 2023

PBEC CEO Michael Walsh took the opportunity to visit some of the PBEC members in HCMC and Hanoi on his recent trip to Vietnam over the Chinese & Tet New Year 2023. “I had the chance to sit down with KPMG Chairman and CEO Warrick Cleine of Vietnam and Cambodia at their office in HCMC. It was lovely to have this opportunity to sit down together and share each others views on the hot issues and areas of focus for…



As I write this end of year briefing, I am harshly reminded we still have covid to contend with after 3 years of the pandemic, as unfortunately I am in mandatory isolation in my apartment listed as a close contact, devoid of human interaction apart from my own family, until my release on Christmas Day at least. PBEC is looking forward to welcoming members at a couple of face to face luncheons being organised in January as all restrictions for…


: ABAC Meeting announcement 2023

APEC Business Advisory Council – ABAC I to be held on 12-14 February 2023 at the Cordis Auckland, New Zealand. Latest details revealed by our colleague & friend of PBEC Stephen Jacobi at Tradeworks. Link to PR:

APEC SOM meeting

: APEC Rolls out Priorities for 2023: Issued by the Informal Senior Officials’ Meeting Honolulu, The United States, 13 December 2022.

Under the theme “Creating a Resilient and Sustainable Future for All,” the United States emphasized its commitment to drive forward work on key issues such supply chain resilience, digital trade, connectivity, opportunities for small and medium-sized enterprises, climate change and environmental sustainability.


: Highlights of the APEC Business Advisory Council Report 2022 by WAIFC

Background to November 2022 Annual Dialogue Recommendations In late October, the Business Advisory Council presented its recommendations to the group chairman for onward transmission to the member countries’ economic leaders.  In addition, many drafting participants presented the document formally to their heads of government; the proceedings of APEC’s annual dialogue take place at that highest intergovernmental level, and so it was for this year’s attendance at that venue. APEC in Action 2022 APEC’s continuing working groups will focus on the…



This week’s UNRAVEL four articles are relevant and connected to some of the topics discussed at our Annual PBEC Dialogues Summit 2022, such as supply chain pressures & weak demand as we head into the Christmas, NY & CNY holiday periods over the next quarter DEC-FEB period. COVID-19 hasn’t gone away but tolerance levels on how its managed are at an all-time low in countries that are treating as a pandemic still. The importance of maintaining data flowing freely across…