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The Value Prop Show Episode 6 – Comparing Developed and Developing economies through Big Data Analytics

In this episode of PBEC’s “The Value Prop” we sat down with Lead Economist Wolfgang Fengler of World Bank and World Data Lab a wholly-owned subsidiary he also heads up to talk about their wonderful data analytics platforms as a source for good in society. They also are able to collate and analyze huge amounts of historical data and produce pretty accurate forecasts around measuring populations, demographics and even the progress or lack of it on alleviating world poverty. The platform certainly assists progressive reporting on whether we are on track to meet the SDG’s set by the UN and the climate targets set in the Paris agreement. It even goes so far as to have the ability to now commercialize itself in attracting several corporations’ interests in helping their own businesses decide on strategic marketing and decision making. A fascinating conversation around #dataforgood #databenefits planning for the future as we experience an aging population whilst facing many crisis in the provision of clean water and food safety whilst tackling climate change. Enjoy!

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