Week in China

Week in China – Column 10

July 31, 2022
By Steven Irvine – Founder, CEO & Editor ‘Week in China’ ECONOMY, TALKING POINT A terrible second quarter China's 'zero-covid' policies take toll on its 2022 growth target Jul 2022 (WiC 594) ‘Zero-Covid’ means zero growth. That was one way of responding to China’s latest economic data at the end of last week, which showed that GDP growth slowed to 0.4% in the second quarter compared to a year ago. It was the second worst performance in 30 years and trailed only the first quarter of 2020, when the Chinese economy shrank 6.8% during the initial outbreak of Covid-19. GDP actually fell...
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Week in China – Column 9

July 7, 2022
By Steven Irvine – Founder, CEO & Editor ‘Week in China’ ECONOMY, TALKING POINT Greener pastures Chinese firms look for new growth in ‘Going Overseas’ trend July, 2022 (WiC 591) Shein, the Chinese app popular with clothes shoppers overseas After launching the open-door policies and economic reforms of the late 1970s, Chinese policymakers made inward foreign investment the first priority for their economy. With China’s accession to the World Trade Organisation in 2001, ‘Going Out’ then started to become more of an objective as Beijing encouraged Chinese firms to make more investments themselves in buying natural resources or technological know-how from foreign...
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Week in China – Column 8

May 29, 2022
By Steven Irvine – Founder, CEO & Editor ‘Week in China’ ECONOMY, TALKING POINT The great reconfiguration Is the global supply chain set to be reshaped after Shanghai’s lockdown? Apple is said to be looking to India and Vietnam to boost supply chain resilience and diversify from China Is Shanghai’s two months of Covid lockdown finally coming to an end? Not quite yet, it seems, with most of the city’s 25 million residents still waiting for the green light to leave their homes for the first time in weeks. Shanghai’s deputy mayor has already announced that the city will be reopened...
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Week in China – Column 7

April 29, 2022
By Steven Irvine – Founder, CEO & Editor ‘Week in China’ Charging into our list Latest update to our Top 50 Unicorns ranking adds more EV-related firms The one year-old EV spin-off from Geely is now worth $10 billion and places 10th in our ranking For anyone watching the new Apple TV+ drama WeCrashed about Adam Neumann’s meteoric rise and implosion as the boss of WeWork, the unicorn will be a familiar image. That’s because in the opening credits the mythical horned beast features in every shot, as a reminder that the shared office firm was once regarded as one...
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Week in China – Column 6

March 25, 2022
By Steven Irvine – Founder, CEO & Editor ‘Week in China’ ENERGY & RESOURCES, TALKING POINT Speculative failure How China’s biggest nickel producer got caught out in the futures market Mar 18, 2022 (WiC 577) Tsingshan: the low-key Chinese resources firm made paper losses of $8 billion on nickel trades. Chinese investors sometimes refer to ‘demon stocks’. These are characterised by logic-defying lurches in their share prices and are frequently associated with improper market disclosure and insider trading. There’s a metal that’s also earned itself the ‘demon’ monicker: nickel. Since its trading debut on the Shanghai Futures Exchange (SHFE) in...
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Week in China – Column 5

February 22, 2022
By Steven Irvine – Founder, CEO & Editor ‘Week in China’ Island diplomacy China backs Argentina’s Falklands claim Feb 2022 (WiC 573) Argentina has joined the BRI Argentinian leader Alberto Fernandez wouldn’t have been counting on Olympic glory when he flew into Beijing earlier this month – his nation’s athletes have competed at 19 Winter Olympic Games without winning a single medal. But President Fernandez had bigger fish to fry in his meeting on the sidelines of the Games with Xi Jinping, his Chinese counterpart. The summit was headlined by Argentina’s enrolment as the 21st country from Latin America and the...
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Week in China – Column 4

January 17, 2022
By Steven Irvine – Founder, CEO & Editor ‘Week in China’ Chinese exporter decides best way forward is to buy its own container ship - Feb, 2022 (WiC 572) Loctek will purchase its own 1,800 TEU container vessel for $32.6 million https://www.weekinchina.com/2022/02/thinking-out-of-the-box-2/ Not many companies own their own cargo ships if their primary business isn’t logistics. Oil and gas giant Shell is one of the few that has ships of its own; the mining giant Glencore is another. But none of that has deterred Ningbo-based furniture maker Loctek from taking the plunge. According to a company statement, it has become...
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Week in China – Column 3

December 22, 2021
In Review: December 2021 Highlights By Steven Irvine – Founder, CEO & Editor ‘Week in China’ As the year draws to a close here are a few of my Editor’s Picks for favourite articles that we published in 2021. Our most-read article of the year was our interview with KONE’s Helsinki-based CEO Henrik Ehrnrooth. This Q&A reads almost like a business school case study in explaining how a multinational went about building a market-leading business in China – in KONE’s case in elevators and escalators. Another popular Q&A was with top China economist Jonathan Anderson in which he dissected recent trade data....
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Week in China – Column 2

November 28, 2021
In Review: November 2021 Highlights By Steven Irvine – Founder, CEO & Editor ‘Week in China’ Welcome to the second of my monthly columns for PBEC, in which I give my editor’s recommendations, this time my ‘must reads’ from November’s Week in China magazine output. It’s been a busy month, so it’s been tricky to make the selection. Obviously one of the key events of the month – alongside the Cop26 meeting – was the online bilateral summit arranged between Joe Biden and Xi Jinping. As we pointed out in our article on the meeting, there was a tacit acknowledgement...
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Week in China – Column 1

October 31, 2021
In Review: October 2021 Highlights By Steven Irvine – Founder, CEO & Editor ‘Week in China’ Click here to download the "A-Z of Chinese History" Inaugural Column: This is my first column for PBEC, and so perhaps a short introduction is in order. I arrived in Asia in April 1997 and I have travelled widely in the region over the past quarter century from my base in Hong Kong. As a business and financial journalist and commentator I have met and interviewed over the decades a wide range of senior political figures (such as Wang Qishan in China) and corporate...
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