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Global Trade Modernization Index ICC Event - image 1

: ICC/Milken Institute & Asia Global Institute release its Global Trade Modernization Index in Hong Kong – Apr 2024

PBEC CEO Michael Walsh was a special guest alongside ICC Senior Directors Pamela Mar and Sebastian Man as well as Ambassador Curtis Chan of Milken Institute Asia and the former Financial Secretary of HKSAR amongst others including PBEC’s Peter Burnett, HKMA and FSDC senior executives. The index showed country ranking for digital adoption in supply chains and friendliness for FDI’s. Singapore came out 1st, Hong Kong SAR 4th, Taiwan, ROC 10th and Malaysia 15th, Japan 17th and South Korea 18th…

Vietnam roundtable image 7

: PBEC went on the road and hosted two roundtable luncheons for members and guests and conducted a site visit in KL and HCMC in – Apr 2024

In Vietnam we attend the Horasis China meeting followed by hosting a roundtable luncheon at Lotte Hotel back in HCMC and welcomed PBEC members the likes of Ong & Ong, KPMG Vietnam, Bonds Group of Companies HK, RMIT University Vietnam, Sunwah Group Vietnam, VinaCapital, Standard Chartered Bank Vietnam, CRBE Vietnam, Act Renewable, International Engineering Solutions, Transportation Law Firm, CEL Consulting, ESG expertise, leading Internationally renowned Business and Politician Coach. When speaking and listening to several Chinese business leaders who came…

PBEC Isola Capital attend HKBAC A220 VIP Static display

: PBEC’s Isola Capital CEO Anthony Chan & Denise Man visit the A220 VIP aircraft on tour in Asia at HKBAC Facility – Apr 2024

Airbus Corporate Jets and Jet Aviation invited PBEC members to visit one of the latest large cabin aircraft available in the shape of the A220CJ, a fabulously designed interior to cater upto 28 passengers in maximum comfort. Ideal for Government delegations and MNC’s in APAC to move around in secure and safe surrounding on your own schedule.

: A PBEC Insight by CEO Michael Walsh on “Advancing Supply Chains using AI” – Apr 2024

A PBEC Insight: AI is being implemented in various ways within supply chain management, leading to significant advancements in operational efficiency and decision-making. Here are some examples of how AI is currently being used: Demand Forecasting: AI algorithms analyze historical sales data, market trends, and external factors to generate accurate demand forecasts, enabling organizations to optimize inventory levels, reduce costs, and meet customer demands effectively. Route Optimization: AI-powered systems optimize transportation routes by considering factors like traffic congestion, delivery time…

Screenshot 2024-05-07 214304

: PBEC Patron Member KPMG released it’s On the 2024 Board Agenda – Apr 2024

The year ahead will be pivotal for many board members. During the KPMG INED Forum, PBEC Chair Andrew Weir, KPMG’s Global Chair of Asset Management and Real Estate, outlined 10 critical areas for directors to focus on and better navigate the opportunities ahead. These areas include accelerating digital transformation, leveraging Gen AI and bolstering cyber defences. See attached mini report.

New member Stephan Kochem image

: PBEC Welcomes New Member Stephan Kochem Chairman and CEO of SICA – Swiss Insurance Capital Advisors AG

PBEC welcomes our newest member Stephan Kochem from SICA – Swiss Insurance & Capital Advisors – leading specialists in the global reinsurance market with a particular focus on expanding their unique offering to Asian clients and new markets in the renewable energy, O&G & real estate sectors. Learn more about Stephan here: – he visited Hong Kong and Manila in April and arranged proposals for some our PBEC members already in the re-insurance coverage for coal-fired power stations in…

GS1 HK Gala dinner 35th anniversary dinner image 2

: PBEC’s GS1 Hong Kong celebrated its 35th Anniversary with a prestigious gala dinner at Ocean Park Marriott Hotel- Mar 2024

An impressive 35th Gala Anniversary Dinner was hosted by GS1 HK – many congratulations to PBEC’s BoD and GS1 CEO Anna Lin and her wonderful team. A very impressive turnout and PBEC members were excited to reconnect with so many peers and friends and collaborate on mutual beneficial areas of interest including our upcoming report.  It was a great opportunity to engage with Financial Secretary Paul Chan of HKSAR Government amongst others included Tencent, Cyberport, DF Group, DHL etc…..

ICAEW Spring network event British Consulate HK - image 2

: PBEC’s BoD ICAEW hosted a Spring Networking Cocktail at the British Consulate in Hong Kong – Mar 2024

Several PBEC members and our Chairman were in attendance at a wonderfully hosted Spring Networking ICAEW event in HK at the British Consulate. It was great to see Chairman Andrew Weir saying a few words together with PBEC’s ICAEW Mary Simpson Director of Int’l Member Engagement – APAC & PBEC BoD Peter Burnett supporting this timely catch-up with Government representatives and friends.