: PBEC Regional Outlook Brief – Trade for Good Q2 – 2024

Despite the uncertainty about what lies ahead for global trade, there are still reasons for optimism about its resilience and its enduring role as a catalyst for positive change, and these are encapsulated in the current trends that are shaping the landscape. As 2024 Q2 draws to a close, economies in Asia Pacific are facing what is projected to be a modest slowdown to approximately between 3.5% to 4.2% on average according to the IMF. But this paints over some…

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: Interim report | Circular Economy Ministerial Advisory Group Australia – May 2024

This report consolidates the preliminary advice of the Circular Economy Ministerial Advisory Group (the Advisory Group) to the Australian Government at the half-way point of their tenure. The recommendations they have identified and discussed with members of Government to-date are organised into the six topics that the Advisory Group considered in 2023 (National policy setting, Targets and indicator, Economics, Net zero, Design and consumption of products, Built environment). Link:

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: New Silk Road Trade flows Report – GCC connecting with Mainland China and ASEAN by PBEC’s Ben Simpfendorfer – Mar 2024

Our dear colleague Ben Simpfendorfer immediate past PBEC BoD and his colleague at Oliver Wyman UAE Adel Alfalasi have published a new New Silk Road Report looking at the Asia-Middle East growth corridor. 🔹 6 Themes each with their own scenario pathways: Energy Transition, Mobility & Transport, Financial Services, Supply Chain, Emerging Payments, Digital Disruption 🔹 24 Priority Opportunities driven by 18 long-term trends: China’s clean tech exports, energy transition financing platforms, China+1 supply chain relocation, a digital gaming boom,…

: Private Capital Breakdown – South East Asia 2024 by Pitchbook

Southeast Asia has become an intriguing region for private capital investment in recent years. Many countries in the region sport fast-growing and diverse economies that provide a range of sectors for investment. Investment in Southeast Asia has leaned heavily toward VC due to nascent tech ecosystems, robust demographics, and a large talent pool driving the future of economies within the region. 2022 set the high-water mark of private capital deal value within Southeast Asia when $34.1 billion was invested across…

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: CBDC’s Report 2024 update – The Digital Evolution of Money by Ripple – Mar 2024

Exploring the transformational opportunities and challenges of new sovereign monies. Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs) and stablecoins have the potential to help digitize entire economies and represent a powerful force for unlocking the Internet of Value. Today, 130 countries, representing 98% of global GDP,1 are pursuing CBDC projects. Some, including the United States and South Africa, have entered exploratory phases. Many projects throughout the European Union are in development, while China has reached a pilot phase and is nearing full…

: SVB –State of the Markets H1 – Silicon Valley Bank share their economic outlook for first half of 2024 – Feb 2024

Two years into the most significant contraction of the innovation economy since the dot-com bubble, and signs of normalization — dare we say recovery — are on the horizon. It feels like we are closer to the end than the beginning. Late-stage tech valuations reached the bottom in mid-2023, ticking up in the back half of the year. Seed activity remains resilient as valuations still trend up. Investment, while not growing, seems to have stabilized. Many companies are only now…

: PBEC Member VinaCapital Vietnam Economy Outlook FY – 2024.pdf

After a challenging 2023, all indications are that 2024 should be a stronger year for Vietnam’s economy, driven by a rebound in the manufacturing sector and an improvement in consumer sentiment. In addition, the plunge in interest rates throughout 2023 should help boost the real estate market after having helped support the stock market last year. In 2024 we expect GDP growth to increase Domestic consumption growth to recover The VNI to increase by 10-15%   Read more…

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: China Economics Update: Accelerating credit growth in December supported by solid government bond issuance

China Economics Update Jan 2024Credit growth picked up for the third straight month in Dec, reflecting strong government bond issuance. Bank loans were softer than expected. Despite being on a moderating trend, medium- to long-term (ML) corporate loan demand remained resilient in Dec. Growth in household mortgage loans has hovered around recent lows, helped by continued policy relaxation in the property sector. We expect government bond issuance to remain robust in the months ahead. Local governments began to front-load special…


: ASEAN economies look robust for positive investor sentiment – Jan 2024

The total nominal GDP of the ten ASEAN nations measured in US dollar terms amounted to USD 3.6 trillion in 2022, more than doubling compared with total GDP of USD 1.6 trillion in 2009. The total size of the ASEAN economy was slightly larger than India in 2022, which had an estimated GDP of USD 3.5 trillion in that year. Read more: