29 May: Southeast Asia’s energy security challenge

  Transitioning to clean energy is imperative for ensuring the region’s energy security Unravel editorial team The ongoing energy crisis has put the spotlight squarely on Southeast Asia’s heavy reliance on fossil fuels to meet growing energy demand. The region is plagued with “significant vulnerability”, according to the International Energy Agency’s (IEA) recent report Southeast Asia Energy Outlook 2022. Addressing this challenge will require multi-pronged solutions including greater energy efficiency, a push for more renewable power generation and a switch to…


29 May: What Singapore’s green ambitions could mean for the world

From its roots as a trade centre to its present-day position as a pioneering tech hub, Singapore is poised to emerge as a carbon trading capital connecting East to West for a greener, carbon neutral world Bo Bai Executive Chairman and Co-Founder of MetaVerse Green Exchange Europe has long been the de facto leader in the sustainability agenda. From spearheading forward-looking guidelines to regulating the EU’s carbon removals market to goals of becoming the first climate-neutral continent through the European…

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29 May: RENEWABLE SOLUTIONS – “An all-hands-on-deck moment” – greater urgency for fossil fuel alternatives than ever

Sponsor: Neste The global urgency to reduce dependency on fossil fuel energy imports is now clearer than ever. So what’s next? Author: Chris Stokel-Walker, May 2022 Against the backdrop of an urgency to reduce reliance on fossil fuels for climate reasons, the war in Ukraine has further intensified the need to replace an enormous amount of fossil-based energy with almost immediate effect. Both the recent UN’s Global Climate Summit COP26 in Glasgow and the latest IPCC report on climate change…


29 Apr: Russia-Ukraine conflict puts fragile global trade recovery at risk

Prospects for the global economy have darkened since the outbreak of war in Ukraine on 24 February, prompting WTO economists to reassess their projections for world trade over the next two years. The organization now expects merchandise trade volume growth of 3.0% in 2022 — down from its previous forecast of 4.7% — and 3.4% in 2023, but these estimates are less certain than usual due to the fluid nature of the conflict (Table 1). The most immediate economic impact…

KPMG - Our Impact Plan FY2021

29 Apr: Members News and Resources Post – PBEC Patron Member KPMG China released its: “KPMG: Our Impact Plan | China FY2021”

This report highlights the firm’s environmental, social and governance (ESG) commitments and progress across four key pillars: Planet, People, Prosperity and Governance. Its Impact Plan (OIP) demonstrates the firm’s commitment to greater transparency and accountability for its actions and impact on society. A timely read for our PBEC Community especially for those of you having to comply with your own ESG requirements. Explore more by clicking here:  


27 Apr: Climate, Crypto, and Competing in This Cycle

The 2022 edition of our annual report with Morgan Stanley offers insights into the next cycle for the wholesale banking industry. The wholesale banking industry has passed through two cycles over the past decade: reform and restructuring from 2012-2019 and volatility-fueled growth from 2020-2021. The fundamental question facing the industry now is what the next cycle will hold. Wholesale banks face great uncertainty as we head into 2022, but we see more cause for optimism than concern. The wholesale banking…


26 Mar: Imperial College Executive Education launch programme in Sustainable Leadership – PBEC Community welcome

Imperial College Executive Education’s Sustainability Leadership Programme will provide managers and leaders with the methods and the mindset to help them to create a sustainability plan with real impact for their business. In this programme, they will learn how to run a sustainable business and promote a corporate culture that prioritises social responsibility. This 15-week online programme draws on expertise from Imperial College Business School faculty, industry experts, and case studies. The learning will be delivered in 12 modules including: The…


25 Mar: PBEC brings you two of the most interesting and popular articles courtesy of our strategic media partner UNRAVEL from the past week.

Decentraland: The new frontier opportunity Growing interest in the metaverse could unlock the next growth opportunity for virtual assets 22.03.2022 Unravel editorial team While the concept of virtual real estate may be difficult to reconcile at the moment, this could soon change. Illustration by Shutterstock. Metaverse is a subject attracting a lot of eyeballs at the moment. Its reference can be seen not only in big budgeted movies, but also in the corporate world. And with the recent renaming of…

25 Mar: IP APAC Market Update 2021-22 by CMS

Accreditation to CMS Legal APAC IP Update – Winter 2021-2022 – Published: March 2022   China CNIPA releases the Amended Measures for Registration of Pledge of Patent Rights On 16 November 2021, the China National Intellectual Property Administration (CNIPA) released the amended “Measures for the Registration of Pledge of Patent Rights”, which establishes an online application system for conducting registration procedures online. Applicants no longer need to submit physical identity, change, and cancellation certificates, etc. The CNIPA will conduct random…


23 Feb: State of Global Environmental Governance Report 2021 – published Feb 2022.

Authors: The International Institute for Sustainable Development & Earth Negotiations Bulletin Accreditation Link: Negotiating global agreements on climate action, biodiversity restoration, plastic pollution control, and other environmental crises is not easy at the best of times—and 2021 was far from that. By Jennifer Allan (Dr.), Elsa Tsioumani (Dr.), Natalie Jones (Dr.), Bernard Soubry (Dr.) This report by the Earth Negotiations Bulletin team explores the highlights and lowlights in a tumultuous year—including the problematic popularity of pledging, the strategies that helped online meetings make…