13 Sep: ASEAN waits for RCEP ratification – and post-pandemic integration

Published 07 September 2021 by Juita Mohamad Given the uncertainty surrounding Covid-19 variants and political instability in the region, the RCEP may not come into full force until 2022. As the free trade agreement seeks to transform existing global value chains, gaps in provisions and the increasingly inward-looking policies adopted by members could curtail the benefits brought by greater integration. CLICK HERE TO READ MORE Brought to you by PBEC’s strategic partner Hinrich Foundation.        

12 Sep: The Virtual APEC Business Travel Card or Virtual ABTC approved

The majority of PBEC members would be holders of the physical ABTC card, which has been in a state of suspension during Covid-19. But as we come out of this pandemic its important to have used the time wisely to be part of the digital transformation journey and improve the system as borders reopen. The Virtual APEC Business Travel Card or Virtual ABTC is an innovative new method for travelling on the ABTC and brings the existing ABTC Scheme into…

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29 Jul: 2021 Mid-Term Review: APEC Services Competitiveness Roadmap 2016-2025

Business Assessment of Outcomes and Recommended Roadmap Adjustments Research Report for the Services Taskforce ABAC Regional Economic Integration Working Group Release date 29 April 2021   Executive summary: There is now a larger number of APEC economies that are more open than the world average to international trade in services, than the number that are more closed. ABAC calculates that if by 2025, APEC economies with restrictiveness scores above world average could close half of their regulatory gaps with the…

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23 Jun: KPMG China release its Hong Kong Banking Report 2021 ‘Embracing Change, driving Growth’

KPMG’s 33rd annual Hong Kong Banking Report reviews the overall sector’s financial highlights in 2020 and analyses key metrics for the top 10 locally incorporated banks in Hong Kong. It also examines key industry themes such as ESG, transformation, wealth management and Hong Kong’s continued role as an international financial centre and connector. Read more

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23 Jun: Gensler release 2019 Workplace Survey:

New workplace data from the Gensler Research Institute uncover the right degrees of openness for an office design, and how to invest in work-focused amenities — including coworking — that result in higher employee engagement, business performance, and profit. The Gensler U.S. Workplace Survey 2019 represents the input from more than 6,000 U.S. office workers across a variety of industries and demographics to provide new insight into not only what makes an effective workplace, but the investments companies can make to…

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23 Jun: PBEC keynote by Altoo CEO Martin Stadler – Simplicity for Complex Wealth

Digital solutions are becoming a must-have offering to private clients and high net worth families from asset managers and advisors. We hear from Martin on how his solution the Altoo Platform became a reality and unique tool for helping his clients. He shares with us what he is seeing from his unique lens talking to their clients, investment & asset managers and influencers. Altoo created an intelligence platform, that provides simplicity and control for complex asset portfolio’s by connecting wealth,…

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23 Jun: A PBEC Dialogue with D-Construct on Space Technology and the Commercialisation of Low Earth Orbit

Speaker bios here:Renee Talk Time – D-Construct Webinar Description: PBEC’s Renee Pan from UK/EU office sat down with senior leaders from D-Construct experts in the field of Aerospace Technology amongst other things. Speakers bios: With Over 20 years of experience in the Aerospace Sector. Edward Hobbs Senior Partner at D-Construct, was the Director of Hawk Associates, a British registered open-source intelligence and strategy specialist offering support to organisations within the global Aerospace, Defence, Security and Financial sectors. The company is…

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23 Jun: Humankind is going back to the Moon by PBEC Member Christophe Bosquillon & Moon Village Association

 View slide deck here: Chris part slides. pptx Webinar Brief Introduction: Humankind is going back to the Moon – both via robotic and crewed missions, led by the U.S. and China, while other space powers position for a piece of the action. Over a half century since the Apollo landings, this time the intention is to stay. Various proposed architectures address the technical challenges of providing an environment for the future occupants of the facilities on the lunar surface…

23 Jun: Quick Takes: Biden’s 100-day Supply Chain Review

The Biden administration has just completed its 100-day review of supply chain vulnerabilities. Here are some initial observations on the main outcomes outlined in the 250-page report: The scope of the review is extremely broad and its objectives are remarkably ambitious. While some aspects of the report are clearly directed specifically towards China, it also addresses a range of supply chain weaknesses that could not realistically be attributed to anything China has done. Read more

23 Jun: Techno-nationalism via semiconductors: Can chip manufacturing return to America?

China’s increasingly competitive relationship with the US and its allies is accelerating strategic decoupling, reshoring, and ringfencing throughout the landscape for semiconductors, the ‘brains’ essential for almost every industry of the future. Today, microchip manufacturing is disproportionately concentrated in Asia, especially in Taiwan. Perhaps not for long, according to a new report by Research Fellow Alex Capri. Read the paper, a follow up to last year’s primer on semiconductors, to learn the actions taken by the United States to revitalize its semiconductor…