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Episode 12: Trade relations and Opportunities for DFI in Peru and Latin America

Brief Description: In this episode our normal host Michael Walsh returns to talk to Manuel Quindmil, an Argentinian Trade Lawyer based in Lima, Peru. He is an expert in government relations with over 30 years of experience focused on WTO and free trade agreements. He shares his views on US/Latin America’s traditional trade relationships but shares the challenges the region still faces with upskilling its workforce to meet the needs of multinational firms. There are perhaps more opportunities for SME’s to succeed faster, but he emphasises the importance of investing in local relationships and finding the right partners. Annabella Matute – A lawyer with experience in civil law and common law systems, (The USA, Latin America and the UK) Legal and business advice in trade UK-Latin America, construction law in the commercial sector and the extractive industries joins us. Annabella shares her views on the importance of cultural understanding in order to successfully conduct business in Latin America. Lots of opportunities for technological savvy firms in multiple sectors, that can assist in improving services and the daily lives of the general public. Annabella stresses the global misconceptions don’t help and passionately argues the importance of appointing the right expertise to assist firms seeking to shift their supply chain to a member state in Latin America. The ability to speak Spanish and communicate your brand in Spanish as well as taking the time and investment to train the locals you will be hiring, are key factors for successful and sustainable businesses in Latin America built on trust and a mutual understanding. All countries in Latin America require huge investment into its existing roads, smart logistics and public infrastructure, issuing green bonds is just one source which certain states are utilising, but attracting increased DFI from UK/Europe and the rest of Asia Pacific is an ongoing challenge for many, as we exit this covid pandemic but now face other global economic challenges with rising inflation, energy shortages, war in Europe and the cost of food.

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