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Episode 24: An interview with Natalie Chung Council Member for Carbon Neutrality & Sustainable Development for the HKSAR Govt– Inspiring the next generation on Climate Action

In this episode the Value Prop Show is delighted and proud to have PBEC intern Rhea Mehta as our guest host, interviewing one of our most famous youth ambassadors at PBEC Natalie Chung. Natalie is a passionate environmentalist and social entrepreneur. Natalie has devoted her life to taking climate action. She is an inspiration to our peers and the next generation of young leaders coming up in tackling a truly global issue of concern for humanity. Natalie’s day job is working for one of the largest retail groups in Asia Pacific on their sustainability strategy. She was also recently appointed by the HKSAR Government as a member at the Council for Carbon neutrality & Sustainable Development from 1st May 2023 for a 2 year term which she shares in this episode more about what the HK Govt plans are.

Natalie’s advocacy and climate action initiatives have brought her into contact with the likes of World Bank, World Economic Forum Global Shapers, UNSDSN, Kadoorie Conservation and of course Think Tanks such as PBEC. Rhea our guest host, is someone we would put into the next generation of leaders category. An highly motivated and intelligent individual who equally has a passion for climate action and data analytics around impactful initiatives that business leaders can and should be supporting to reduce their emissions.

Sit back, grab yourself a cup of tea or coffee and take the next 21 minutes out of your day to listen to an highly engaging episode from the Value Prop on all things sustainability has to offer.


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