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Generous to his alma mater

The Foundation of the UQAR has just completed the delivery of 70 000$ in scholarships to graduating students and graduates of the université du québec à rimouski, thanks to the generosity of the graduate Bernard Pouliot (in the photo). The grant of 35 scholarships of$ 2000 each is done through a random drawing from among all graduating students and graduates of the winter semester. A specific contribution of$ 100,000 to Bernard Pouliot paid in the context of the festivities surrounding the 50e anniversary of the UQAR, will provide a total of 50 scholarships of$ 2,000 each. A graduate of the université du québec à rimouski in administration (1974) and residing in Hong Kong for over 35 years, Bernard Pouliot has a unprecedented generosity towards his alma mater, as evidenced by the establishment of a capitalized fund the value of which now exceeds one million dollars. The Fund Bernard Pouliot will allow the Foundation to present scholarships for excellence in administration, to foster student mobility and to support the development of project in entrepreneurship set up by the students and the students of UQAR.

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