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Latin America Reconnecting with Asia Post Covid Recovery – Dec 2022

Latin America: Reconnecting and Re-engaging beyond the Covid Economic Crisis Moderator: PBEC CEO Michael Walsh (Hong Kong SAR) Speakers: Thomas Wong Partner CW CPA Chief Representative Brazil-China Chamber of Commerce Hong Kong. A leading expert on Latin American e-commerce cross-border trade. (Hong Kong SAR) Annabella Matute-Castro Commercial & Construction Lawyer & Political Analyst (Lima, Peru) Manuel Quinimil Trade Lawyer American Chamber of Commerce (Peru) Federico G. Lepe International Logistics Commission at GWTC -Guadalajara World Trade Center (Guadalajara, Mexico) In the wake of a decade of free-market reforms and relatively stable growth thanks in no part to China with its increasing DFI interests over the same period, the region appears once again to be on the edge of facing a bit of a transition crisis stemming from Geopolitics in the Pacific to an urgent need for DFI to upgrade. Two years after the onset of the pandemic, 2022 began with some hopeful signs of economic recovery after the worst downturn in more than a century. But the scars of the crisis are still visible in Latin America and the Caribbean. Eliminating them will take time and effort. Poverty and inequality rose. Employment only partially recovered. Owing to the enormous efforts made to mitigate the impacts of the pandemic on the most vulnerable sectors, governments exhausted their fiscal reserves, and debt and macroeconomic imbalances grew. Our speakers cover the trade agreements of RCEP, CPTPP and the Pacific Alliance. What they mean for countries within APEC. They also share latest regulations, PPP infrastructure projects that are upcoming in education in the case of Peru and Airports. Opportunities for investment, and connectivity in the form of trans-Pacific logistic solutions also by air. Guadalajara Mexico is seeking more air cargo consolidation hubs and flight capacity to feed and export from Latin America to and from Asia and China. Some Fascinating insights from Latin America and the linkages that are possible remotely through Hong Kong for market access to GBA, China and ASEAN with companies like CW CPA a PBEC Board member who cater to all Spanish/Portugese speaking firms wanting to export their goods and services to Asia or sourcing from Asia to Latam. The region may need new impetus to energize the recovery which won’t be easy given the world economic outlook and inflationary pressures. Among the issues to be discussed in this session are: What is the near-term prospect of the region’s economy? What measures will effectively address its economic problems? Where do the negotiations on joining more Free Trade Area Agreements to boost production and attract capacity shifts away from China with its close proximity to US market?

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Latin America Air Cargo industry update 2022

Peru Presentation PBEC dialogues Summit

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