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This week’s UNRAVEL four articles are relevant and connected to some of the topics discussed at our Annual PBEC Dialogues Summit 2022, such as supply chain pressures & weak demand as we head into the Christmas, NY & CNY holiday periods over the next quarter DEC-FEB period. COVID-19 hasn’t gone away but tolerance levels on how its managed are at an all-time low in countries that are treating as a pandemic still. The importance of maintaining data flowing freely across borders cannot be emphasized enough, when it comes to tackling the climate emergency. Exploring carbon trading markets and the important role they can play in helping countries and corporations to meet net zero national and international targets. Their final topic is on the RCEP trade agreement and how countries should and can be maximizing the benefits on offer.

Let’s Unravel PBEC!

Their first story explores the industrial growth outlook for Asia in 2023, which looks weak due to the deteriorating growth outlook, being impacted by faltering demand and supply chain pressures.

Their second story cautions global leaders to not treat COVID-19 as an endemic. Lowering our guard may make us vulnerable to future variants of the virus.

Their third story suggests policymakers to equip themselves with robust climate data which will help them implement better climate mitigation and adaptation policies.

Their fourth story explores Indonesia’s carbon net sink plan by 2030 by implementing several initiatives such as adopting the REDD+ framework and kickstarting a carbon trading market in the country.

Their concluding story this week proposes guidelines that member countries of the RCEP need to consider ensuring the realization and success of the trade deal.

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About: Unravel is focused on international politics, economics and technology,  and how they—sometimes in isolation and often in union—influence human life and endeavour. It is, as the name suggests, an effort to unravel the impressions these developments leave not just on countries, economies and the world at large, but on the smaller tangible units that make them whole – people and businesses. Unravel was born of a simple idea. To curate and offer thought-provoking commentaries and perspectives in a manner that simplifies discourse on Asia and the world.

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