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OECD-WTO Business Consultation on Cross-Border Data Flows and Trade

On behalf of the OECD Secretariat through Jane Brockman

OECD-WTO Business Consultation on Cross-Border Data Flows and Trade

Data, and its flow across borders, support global economic and social interactions. However, regulation conditioning its movement across borders or mandating local storage has been on the rise. The Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) and the World Trade Organization (WTO) have joined forces to study some of the economic implications of this evolving landscape.

Attached for your reference is the OECD Policy Brief on the WTO E-commerce Moratorium

In line with this, I would like to invite you to participate and accomplish the Business Questionnaire on an analysis of the impact of cross-border data regulation on economic activity.

By responding to this questionnaire you will be helping policy-makers better understand the emerging challenges that firms such as yours face. The (aggregate) results of your answers will be used to shape and design policies that can enable data to flow across borders with “trust”.

The questionnaire will take you about 15 minutes to fill in (a pdf copy is attached for preview purposes). All responses will be kept strictly confidential  and will only be presented in an aggregate format. No enterprise-specific or personal or sensitive information will be disclosed and results will, under no circumstances, be shared outside the organisations. The OECD and the WTO appreciate the value of business input and take the confidentiality of responses seriously.

  •  If you would like to contribute, please respond to the online OECD/WTO Business Questionnaire by 3 June.
  • To further support this joint work, please share this questionnaire widely within your own networks.
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