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PBEC Malaysia Corporate Member: MacroKiosk

Whilst this article is a few months old from PBEC Malaysia Corp Member Macrokiosk, I had the pleasure of sitting down with Datuk Henry Goh Executive Chairman of MacroKiosk in Malaysia last month on the side-lines of the Top Glove hosted PBEC Malaysia roundtable meeting on March 16th 2020. Whilst the lockdown was literally just coming into affect in Malaysia at that time, he was feeling quite bullish on achieving and perhaps exceeding their companies 2020 revenue forecasts. With large proportions of the populations under partial or full lockdown – the move to on-line banking and payment transactions has increased three-fold over the past month and those companies providing the back-office software platforms, security and OTP’s like Macrokiosk are enjoying a further surge in their banking clients demand as more mundane banking processes are forced to go digital and people feel more comfortable increasing their banking needs using the online apps and platforms as bank branches are closed or are experiencing reduced hours and staffing due to social distancing measures in place.

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