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PBEC Member QBE Hong Kong launches its 2023 SME Survey Results – Feb 2023

QBE Hong Kong is pleased to share with the PBEC Community, the release of its 5th iteration of our annual SME research for Hong Kong. SMEs are the backbone of the local economy. To better understand this important customer segment, QBE Hong Kong conducted the annual SME survey in October 2022 to gain valuable insights into the opportunities and challenges faced by SMEs.

The study drew on an online survey of 422 Hong Kong SMEs from a wide range of industries. The findings show that small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in Hong Kong have regained confidence in their business and the economy, despite having ongoing concerns about a possible economic downturn in Hong Kong and other markets, customer acquisition challenges, and rising business costs.

SMEs are reconsidering increasing overseas representation

Despite the economic uncertainty, almost half of SMEs intend to increase their overseas representation over the next one to two years. Knowledge of multi-country insurance is highest among larger SMEs, and those already internationalised intend to expand further. Among SMEs without an international presence,14% said they plan to expand into other markets, and 72% would consider buying multi-country insurance.

Despite concerns about business risks, a minority of SMEs have relevant insurance

The business risks most concerning Hong Kong SMEs remain the loss of income due to business interruptions (75%), losing key staff (70%) and equipment breakdown (69%). While SMEs’ concerns about these events have increased steadily over the last three years, only 15%, 16% and 18% held the relevant insurance, respectively, to ride out such possibilities.

At QBE, we always put our customers at the centre of our business, and understand their unique business needs. We are confident that, together with your ongoing support, we are well-placed to provide innovative solutions that fit the precise needs of SMEs. If you are interested to learn more about QBE Hong Kong’s offerings for SMEs, please contact me directly. Thank you for your partnership and we look forward to your continued support in 2023 and beyond.

Read more here: press release and infographics


Lei Yiu PBEC Board of Director



我很高興地與大家分享,昆士蘭保險香港已經發布了第5份針對香港的年度中小企業研究。中小企業是本地經濟的支柱。為了更好地了解這個重要的細分市場,我們於 2022 年 10 月進行了年度中小企業調查,以深入了解中小企業面臨的機遇和挑戰。

該研究借鑒了對來自各行各業的 422 家香港中小企業的在線調查。調查結果顯示,本港中小企對商業及經濟前景重拾信心,但仍憂慮經濟有可能下滑及在獲取新客戶和控制業務成本方面遇困難。










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