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PBEC New Member this month – Adrien Chazottes, Managing Partner, Jet 8

Adrien has been living in Asia since 2004, where he has been developing the Private and Business Aviation sectors for the major part of the past two decades. After working for a large private operator and selling business jets for Hawker-Beechcraft and then Bombardier across the region and globally, he founded Jet 8 in 2018 to provide tailor made private aviation solutions to clients in the Asia Pacific region. A true entrepreneur in his designated field of expertise with a passion for serving his clients and the industry, with excellent relations with aircraft owners and senior business leaders in APAC. Adrien also invested outside of Jet 8 into various ventures, such as the successful funding round of Spectrum Networks LLC, a US corporation that is developing breakthrough Li-fi and FAR-UVC lighting devices able to remove bacteria, virus and harmful pathogens from Aircraft Cabins and closed environments and allowing data transfer through LiFi technology.

“We have seen a rapid evolution of private aviation in the region, especially with the advent of Covid. While our client’s original requests were mostly focused on securing the right prices when buying or selling private jets, we now see a growing trend centred on improving travel efficiencies and mitigating not only costs, but also the environmental and societal impact of private travel. We evolved our range of services accordingly and now offer as part of our acquisition services Carbon Offset programmes, Alternate Fuel sources and other CSR focused solutions,” stated Adrien Chazottes.

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