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Ron Hoffman- A former Canadian Diplomat joins as a strategic advisor to the PBEC board – Oct 2023

We are delighted to announce that Ron Hoffmann of SixRing Inc. a leader in the renewable #albertaenergy sector has agreed to rejoin PBEC – Pacific Basin Economic Council as a strategic advisor to the board on all matters regarding #canada and #northamerica – It’s a voluntary role at the non-profit. Ron is a recognized and highly respected figure amongst his peers within both industry and government circles on both sides of the Pacific. His passion for progressing and advocating cross-border trade relations and facilitating the whole energy transition putting Canada’s own interests first, is infectious and that is why we are so pleased he has agreed to help PBEC fulfil its strategic vision in North America as needed which compliments his own day to day commitments and responsibilities.

#climate #energyefficiency #renewableenergy #saf #biofuels #fuelcell #fuelefficiency #canada #trade #tradepolicy #pbec #leadership #advisory #asiapacific

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