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The Value Prop Episode 13: Give and TaKe ‘Field to Table Sustainable Bamboo Products’ an Alternative to Plastic – it’s a Lifestyle Choice.

Brief Description: We invited the Founder and Eco-warrior Rob Davenport of TaKe Lifestyle and TaKe Foundation, a purpose led brand focused on producing eco-friendly table and kitchenware products that are utilising Bamboo as a key raw material that it grows within urban cities in its overall production process. Their unique BAAS (Bamboo as a Service) concept enables Corporates, SME’s and Individuals to invest in making cities like Hong Kong a cleaner place to live, by off-setting carbon emissions with bamboo production. TaKe are doing their bit to prevent climate change while creating deep cultural roots through its educational programmes to ensure the next generation of densely populated urban cities across Asia, are aware of how to make a positive difference on the environment. We sat with Rob to talk us through where they are currently in attaining his objectives and what exciting developments he has planned to TaKe the firm in the near future.

Working together to make Hong Kong a cleaner place to live.  TaKe the first step today.  Small changes add up to a huge difference.




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