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United National Global Compact released a ‘Ocean Stewardship 2030 Report

As the COVID-19 global pandemic continued to spread, countries around the world are bracing for a deep downturn, as lockdowns and quarantines have resulted to job losses and business closures. Governments, including ASEAN Member States, have taken swift action and applied monetary, fiscal, and sector-specific measures to cushion the widespread impact of the pandemic. To date, the combined fiscal stimulus packages implemented by the AMS has reached an equivalent of USD318.2 billion or 10.1% of ASEAN GDP in 2019.

The second issue of the ASEAN Policy Brief examines the ASEAN policy responses to the COVID-19 pandemic It offers a roadmap for how ocean-related industries and policymakers can jointly secure a healthy and productive ocean by 2030. The report describes five critical areas of success. For each area, the report suggests two ambitions and puts forward several recommendations addressing critical dimensions of public and private actions to accelerate ocean-related solutions.

Download the PDF here directly from the UN website:

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