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Why collaboration in the ASEAN region is vital to tackle plastic waste in the oceans

Photo Courtesy of Naja Bertolt Jensen on Unsplash

Collaboration between ASEAN members is key to reduce global marine plastic debris and preserve marine life. A 2015 study by US scientist Jenna Jambeck revealed six out of 11 Southeast Asian countries are among the top 20 countries to have mismanaged their plastic wastes.

Indonesia ranks second, followed by the Philippines (third), Vietnam (fourth), Thailand (sixth), Malaysia (eighth) and Myanmar (17th). Their combined marine plastic pollution accounted for 1.4-3.54 million metric tonnes (MT) per year, out of 8-12 million MT globally. Interview with Noir Primadona Purba Lecturer and Marine Kirana Agustina Engagement Specialist for National Plastic Action Partnership at World Resources Institute.

Read the whole article and interview conducted by UNRAVEL HERE

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