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: Episode 25: A conversation with PBEC Chairman Andrew Weir on the economies of Asia Pacific beyond the half way point in 2023

We are delighted to be joined by Andrew Weir our Chairman and Senior Partner and Vice Chairman of KPMG China on our latest episode of the Value Prop. Andrew provides us with some excellent commentary on the big topics concerning his clients and sharing some of his insights on the current status of APAC’s economy and where its heading into the latter part of 2023. Q2 felt like a cautious quarter overall in terms of business leaders sentiment I have…

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: Episode 24: An interview with Natalie Chung Council Member for Carbon Neutrality & Sustainable Development for the HKSAR Govt– Inspiring the next generation on Climate Action

In this episode the Value Prop Show is delighted and proud to have PBEC intern Rhea Mehta as our guest host, interviewing one of our most famous youth ambassadors at PBEC Natalie Chung. Natalie is a passionate environmentalist and social entrepreneur. Natalie has devoted her life to taking climate action. She is an inspiration to our peers and the next generation of young leaders coming up in tackling a truly global issue of concern for humanity. Natalie’s day job is…


: Episode 23: An interview with PBEC Board Member Thomas Wong Co-Founder of CW CPA on Latin American companies seeking a slice of the Chinese Consumer Market

In this episode PBEC is joined by Mr. Thomas Wong one of the two co-founding partners of CW CPA, an international mid-sized professional accounting and advisory firm based in Hong Kong with offices in Shenzhen, Guangzhou, and Shanghai of Mainland China as well as having liaison offices in Barcelona of Spain, London of UK, Bogotá of Colombia, Sao Paulo and Belo Horizonte of Brazil. He looks after many areas of CW CPA, particularly the business development and strategies of the…


: Episode 22: An interview with PBEC Japan Member Suzuran Medical Inc – an example from the data in our Report on Global Sourcing trends

In this episode PBEC is joined by Father and Son President Yasuhiro Kunieda and Eita Kunieda of Suzuran Medical Inc a Japanese family business established for over180 years in the manufacturing of cotton products such as cotton bedding, sanitary, childcare, hygiene and cosmetic lines. We talk to Eita about the challenges faced in their supply chains during covid, with majority of production taking place within Mainland China. Rising costs and shifts in consumer purchasing from in shops to online. How…


: Episode 21: The authors views on Regional Trends in Global Sourcing – a PBEC report entitled – Charting a New Course in Asia Pacific

In this episode PBEC is joined by the co-authors Dr. Neale O’Connor Professor of Accounting previously of Monash University Malaysia from his new University Edith Cowan in Perth and Anson Bailey Head of Consumer and Retail AsPAC & Head of Technology at KPMG in China, of our most recent and comprehensive trade report on regional trends in Global Sourcing entitled “Chartering a New Course in Asia Pacific”. Supply chain operability affects every organization and sits highly on the list of…

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: The Value Prop Episode 20: APAC Investing

This month’s latest PBEC Podcast episode 20 of ‘The Value Prop – APAC Investing’ show focuses back on Latam with a 1:1 conversation with renowned scholar and expert on all things to do with Latin American economies Dr. Evodio Kaltenecker. In this episode Dr. Evodio Kaltenecker an Assistant Professor of business focused on management research and executive education. Where we discuss the merits of Brazil, Mexico and Chile’s economies and track the covid economic recovery of trade stories of each….


: The Value Prop Episode 19: A 1:1 Dialogue on Vietnam a Success Story with KPMG & VinaCapital – Winning in the APAC Region

This PBEC Podcast episode of ‘The Value Prop – APAC Investing’ focuses on a recording from one of our 1:1 Dialogue fireside chat sessions at our recent PBEC Annual Dialogues Summit on the latest from Vietnam’s economic outlook, discussing some of its recent documented successes, latest opportunities and new challenges/risks to factor in. Overall, it’s a pretty bully outlook from two of its leading commentators in Warrick Klein Chairman of KPMG Vietnam and Michael Kokalari Chief Economist from Vina Capital in Ho…


: The Value Prop Episode 18: What is, Who is and Why the WAIFC is important?

This PBEC Podcast episode of ‘The Value Prop – APAC Investing’ focuses on the important role and actions of IFC’s globally and in the region. We are joined by WAIFC – World Alliance of International Finance Center’s Managing Director Jochen Biedermann who shares his perspectives and latest updates from both large and small, even digitally remote IFC’s that have launched in recent years. We also talk about central banks newfound role and opportunity to take back some control with the roll out of digital sovereign…

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: The Value Prop Episode 17: Digitalising Insurance – what it takes to be an award winning leader during a pandemic – with QBE Lei Yu

Episode Description: We are joined in this episode by Lei Yu CEO North Asia and Regional Head of Distribution, Asia at QBE Asia Pacific. Lei Yiu is an award winning leader in her respected field of general insurance. In 2021 Lei was awarded Insurance Business Asia Elite Woman of the Year. Yu is a big advocate of digitisation and leveraging technology to create a better claims experience and helping customers get back on their feet as quickly as possible. Lei…

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: The Value Prop Episode 16: A Macroeconomic Investors view on Asia and the Pacific with Anson Chan

Brief Description: We are joined this episode by Anson Chan Chairman and CEO of Bonds Group of Companies. A respected Hong Kong businessman, Mr. Anson Chan has accumulated a variety of management and investment experience. Bonds Group of Companies owns both commercial and residential properties in prime locations of Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, Britain, Canada, USA and Singapore. Before joining his family business, Mr. Chan was an associate director in the proprietary investment group of Nomura International, the Japanese leading…